Silo Rings

Truck tires sidewall for covering bunker silos.
Truck tires Sidewalls have been used for many years on silage pits in America, Denmark, France, Germany and Scandinavia.

Truck tire Sidewall are clean and dry, all have same sizes and they are very easy to handle. They can be used for a lifetime, 30-40 years.
They are the cheapest and most effective solution for covering silos.

No more sand or dirty, stinking and heavy tires full of water.
The truck tire sidewalls are also very easy to store on pallets, and can be moved by a pallet fork. Stored on pallets they take up very little space, and are ready for use.

Each sidewall covers 1 square meter, weight 13 kg. They do not blow off because of windy weather.

Delivery: one truck approx. 1800 apiece. If you want, you can split a load with your neighbor.
Users’ testimonials: the best and cheapest you can get. You are saving time and money, you will receive better quality on the silage, and you will reduce the waste.

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