Road grader

This is the simplest, best and cheapest machine you can get in order to maintain gravel and forest roads. With the help of solid steel profiles, we build a road scraper of hardox 500 tooth plates and mount it together with a road slodd for a compact Road Brush Machine by Bergma. This machine has four powerful lifting straps on the top. You will find it very easy to lift up the road brush while turning in confined places and also when you want to turn back or need to transport road brush machine from one place to another. The steel scraper of the Hardox 500 can be regulated so teeth do not rake the ground mass. It can also be adjusted up to 50 mm in depth as it is gets worn. The steel front hardox comb can also be set deeper on the road scrapers sides thus it helps forming the road to become higher in the middle and let the water flow away more easy.
Strong hardox teeth of our scraper machine first loosen grass and vegetation on the roadside and pull the gravel into the middle. Next, the rubber slodd will smooth out the ground mass and create fine and passable road. Bergma road brush does the same work like large and heavy machines, but is much easier in use and costs only a fraction. Road brush machine can run at higher speed, also when is pulled on the winding, narrow and hilly roads where normally old-fashioned road scrapers get stuck. Our customers admit: once we have started using Bergma road scraper, the big and traditional scraper will probably be never connected to the tractor again.
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